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The new generation of safety systems at MAN

New EBA advanced emergency braking system with sensor fusion of radar and camera

MAN's new generation of the EBA emergency braking system combines information from the radar sensor in the front end and from the windscreen-mounted camera. This sensor fusion allows the system to make trustworthy interpretations of situations on the road. Vehicles in front and stationary obstructions can be identified faster and with greater certitude. The system thus gains time to initiate emergency braking earlier if so required. In an emergency the vehicle can thus shed more speed and come to a halt some valuable metres sooner.

MAN is currently introducing the new generation of advanced emergency braking system with sensor fusion (EBA emergency brake assist) and the emergency stop signal (ESS). At the same time the EBA and also the new lane guard system (LGS) are becoming standard accessories in those vehicle models to which mandatory equipment requirements apply for new registrations from November onwards. This includes the vast majority of MAN trucks, both MAN and NEOPLAN coaches and intercity buses, and also MAN coach chassis.

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